Next day flat roof repairs & replacements

Helping stressed-out homeowners get their flat roof repaired or replaced within 24 hours without worrying about further leaks.

Stop further damage from your leaking roof

Sort your flat roof in 24-48 hours

All flat roof work guaranteed for 20 years

A leaky roof is a costly interruption you just don't need

Your flat roof is an important part of your home that often goes uncared for, leading to water damage inside. Catch it early and save hundreds of pounds in additional repairs.

Repair or replace your roof in 48 hours without worrying about more leaks

Prevent further damage to your home

Our fast service means that we can repair or replace your roof quickly.

Stop worrying about your leaking roof

Our roofing expert will answer your questions and offer a cost-effective solution.

A watertight roof that will last for years

Our triple felt flat roofs come with a 20-year guarantee and usually last for over 30 years.

The top 6 signs that your flat roof is leaking

Sort your flat roof in 3 easy steps


Roof assessment & quotation in 1 hour


Repair or replace your roof if possible


Stop worrying and forget about your roof

John Barnett Broadstairs Roofing in Thanet Kent 2

Speak with John, your expert advisor

  • Reliable expert with 25 years’ experience
  • Government-backed trust marked accredited
  • A member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors
Broadstairs Roofing accredited by NFRC
Broadstairs Roofing rated 5 stars on Google

Types of flat roof we can help with




See how we helped home-owners fix their roofs

Flat roof repairs & replacements Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Margate, Thanet Kent

A flat roof can often be the cause of concern for many homeowners not knowing if or when it may leak. Broadstairs Roofing provides a fast and long-lasting flat roof repair & replacement service in Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Margate, Thanet, and surrounding areas in Kent.

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